If there is a God who designed all of creation, even us, wouldn’t he reveal himself to us? Wouldn’t he be involved in his creation? Besides speaking to individuals and nations throughout human history, God has given us a BOOK which he instructed certain men what to write. Speaking to us directly and recording historical events in detail. He did not use a book written by 1 man, as many false religions have done, but he used 40 different men from all walks of life, over a span of 1500 years. A BOOK so unique that no man could create it on his own.

How is this BOOK unique?

How it was written?
There are 40 authors who wrote this book. These authors were from different parts of society, for example a king, a peasant, a philosopher, a fisherman, a politician, an intellectual and even a doctor. There is not just one person who wrote it but different people from diverse backgrounds.

They wrote this book in different parts of the world, at different times in history on three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe, in three languages. The first author began in 1400 BC and the book was finished in the year 100 AD.
One thousand five hundred years to write a story with one central theme.

What are the astonishing facts about this book?

First, this book is unique because of its content. There is history, poetry, law, biographies, accurate predictions about the future, personal correspondence, intrigue, betrayal and romance.

Historical Accuracy
One of the authors who lived during the time of the Babylonian Empire predicted the rise of the Persian, Greek and Roman Empires, hundreds of years in advance. This book is also unique because of its historical accuracy.
For example, the first author wrote about a civilization that existed 1500 years before his time. Before 1925, archaeologists said that the civilization he wrote about never existed, but later other archaeologists discovered the Ebla tablets, from an ancient civilization, that confirmed that the author was correct.

The honesty of this book is also unique. Normally when the story is true, the heroes are presented without faults. But in this book, the life of each one is honestly represented. They have weaknesses and are vulnerable like we are.

Next, this book is unique because of its continuity. All the writings harmoniously fit together, one with the other, to form one true story.

Would this be possible today?

Amazingly, there are more than 2000 translations of this book in the world. Its publication has surpassed billions of copies. Surprisingly, with 40 authors in different parts of the world, at different times in history on three continents and in three languages, there is one unique theme.

Of course this unique BOOK is the BIBLE!