Do you find it hard sharing the Good News?

Sharing The Gospel


Do you find it hard to share the Good News with an unbelieving friend?

Here is a GREAT TOOL to help you!

  • Take this PDF file – Below, print these 10 pages and staple them together.
  • Find a Quiet Spot! Ask Others to Pray for You!
  • Sit down with an unbeliever, these pages and a Bible (mark the Bible Verses in advance).
  • Read together each page one at a time and take turns reading that page’s scriptures. Take your time to answer questions but avoid chasing rabbit trails. Keep focused!
  • On page 6, ask them to write their name on the line provided.
  • At page 10, ask them if they understand what the Bible tells us about how to be right with God and what God has done for us?
  • Ask them if they would want to surrender their life to Jesus?
  • If YES, pray with them! Let them pray in their own words if possible!
  • Lastly, if they profess to have surrendered to Jesus, tell them that Jesus’ first command for a New Believer is to be Water Baptized and start their walk with God as part of a Local Church.

Example John 3:16 Diagram Page 10 of 10

John 3:16 Diagram Page 10