How Brown Are You?

All people are essentially some shade of brown. It’s mainly based on a brown pigment called melanin. Some people have more and are a darker shade of brown. Others have less and are a lighter shade of brown. And the majority of the world’s population is a middle brown shade. We are all the same color, just different shades.
Some may ask, “But why do different people groups have distinct attributes like different shades?” Answer: the Tower of Babel. It is this event that shows how we got isolated people groups, separated by language and geographical barriers, leading to isolated genetic pools. Within these pools, certain traits became dominant in an area and were passed on from one generation to the next. A common occurrence, genetically speaking.
We are not “red, yellow, black, and white”; we’re actually “brown, brown, brown, and brown, different shades of brown.”

Reference: Answers In Genesis – Book “Quick Answers to Tough Questions”

The Bible says we all came from Noah’s sons and even genetics shows we are all One Race, not white race, black race or yellow race.

For centuries the World has associated skin color with being either superior or inferior but this is far from the truth. How can the amount of melanin in your body make you superior or inferior? Just another lie that Satan has perpetuated to make certain groups full of pride and others degraded. Satan hates people and loves to divide and hurt God’s Creation, the Human Race, which we all are a part of!