What about ape-men?

So, if the missing links are missing, then what about all the “ape-men” that secular scientists keep parading as evidence of evolution?

When they find a lemur, ape, or human fossil, news headlines abound with “missing link found!” Then as time unfolds, we come to find out that it is not a missing link but merely a lemur, ape, or a human. So, they keep looking.

This is why the secularists today are so desperate to find anything that they can hail as a missing link.
There are three ways people attempt to make missing links:
• First, they take an ape and dress it up to look like a person (e.g., inserting human eyes, human feet, human hands, human jaws, etc.).
• Second, they take a human and try to dress it up like an ape (inserting ape eyes, ape feet, ape hands, ape jaws, etc.).

• Third, people try to make a missing link by taking bones of a human and bones of an ape and trying to build a missing link. But are they real creatures? Nope.

Although there are no evolutionary missing links, we do have common ancestors — Noah, Adam, Eve, and others! But these are not transitions between an ape-like creature and you. Instead, we are all variations of the human kind, all of whom are made in the image of the Creator God.