What is the ultimate and supreme starting point?

So, if this issue of origins is a war of worldviews, then which worldview is the correct starting point? A powerful initial argument would be that the biblical worldview is constantly confirmed by real science and evolutionism (humanism/atheism/materialism) is not. This will be seen over and over again throughout this book. The features of the rock layers, fossils, dinosaur tissue, DNA, etc., provide tremendous confirmations of the Bible’s history and authenticity.
But here is the ultimate confirmation that the Word of God is the supreme starting point: only the biblical worldview can self-consistently make sense of all of reality. The biblical worldview alone can explain the origin of all things, material and immaterial alike, without contradicting itself.

The Bible provides the only logical explanation for all material things, like stars, planets, DNA, animals, and so on. But beyond that, the Bible provides the only coherent reason for the existence of non-material things, like the laws of logic, laws of nature, and absolute morality. Things that cannot be seen, tasted, or touched but are absolutely real. These immaterial realities must be true for us to live, think, and operate within this world but make absolutely no sense without the biblical God. The all-powerful Creator of everything, seen and unseen, who has revealed Himself to us through His Word is the One who made man in His image so that mankind may understand and function within the universe He created.

Only the biblical worldview can account for all of reality consistently. Every other worldview will eventually blow itself up by its own standard. Every worldview outside of the biblical one is “suicidal.” For example, the atheistic/evolutionary view is that everything is material. If it is not material (not physical), then they claim it doesn’t exist. God is not material but Spirit (John 4:24), so they claim God doesn’t exist because He is not material. See how that works? Now, likewise, love, truth, knowledge, logic, dignity, honor, and so on are also not material. So, in the atheistic view, these cannot exist, either! Of course, this causes a big problem! The atheist, by his own worldview, cannot make sense of a discussion about anything without jumping off his worldview and waving good-bye to it! Or consider the currently popular worldview of relativism, the belief that everything is relative and there are no absolute truths. But are they absolutely sure? For them to be right, they must be wrong. That’s what is meant by suicidal. And because of the suicidal nature of all non-biblical worldviews, all of them must borrow from the biblical one to operate within reality.
Ironically, those who reject and argue against the Bible must use principles that only exist because the Bible is true!