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Constitution 101

Lecture 3 Majority Tyranny

Lecture 5 – “To Secure These Rights”: Property, Morality, and Religion

While the first purpose of government is to protect citizens from foreign and domestic threats, it must also undertake other essential actions in order...
Lecture 3 Majority Tyranny

Lecture 4 – Consent of the Governed and the Separation of...

The Framers understood that the “latent causes of faction . . . are sown in the nature of man.” Consequently, the Constitution establishes a...
Lecture 3 Majority Tyranny

Lecture 3 – Majority Tyranny and the Necessity of the Union

The Articles of Confederation was America’s first attempt at establishing a national union. However, in many of the states, unchecked legislative majorities frequently trampled...
Lecture 2 Natural Rights

Lecture 2 – Natural Rights and the American Revolution

The principle of equality—which means no person may rule over another without his consent—is central to the political theory of the American Founding. Not...
Lecture 1 Theory of Declaration

Lecture 1 – The Theory of the Declaration and the Constitution

The form of government prescribed by the Constitution is based on the timeless principles of the Declaration of Independence. These two documents establish the...
Constitution 101 Course

Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution

The Constitution established a limited government, but a government with sufficient powers to protect Americans’ God-given rights to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of...
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